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Welcome to the CopperCart Update Catalog!

CopperCart Update

This is the central hub for all versions of OverRender.com software. To get started, please select the program you want to update from the buttons below.

There are two types of updates:
  · Content updates, which add features to your software.
  · Critical updates, which are bug hotfixes, or, more importantly, updates aimed at fixing security breaches. Therefore, content updates may contain bugs or security issues.

It is recommended to use the latest critical update after the content version you wish to use, AKA the one just before the next content update. OverRender.com is not responsible for any damage caused by a bug or security breach from an older version of its software which has been patched since then, as it is the user's choice to download outdated versions.

You can see the full list of any given update's changes using the Changelog button.

For more info on the downloading process, please refer to the the "How do I install an update" and "Where is my installaton folder?" sections below the update lists.

All OverRender products have a lifecycle. After the End of the Lifecycle ("End of Support"), updates are no longer released for them. To make sure your OverRender product is still supported and still receive new updates, read the Product Lifecycle page on the Help & Support website.

Available Updates

How do I install an update?

To install an update using the Update Catalog, expand the category in which you want to download the update and click the Download update button next to the update you want. Then, go to your OverRender.com product installation folder, and paste the update you've downloaded.

Where is my installation folder?

To install an update, you need to know where you your OverRender software is installed. To see its folder path, in your OverRender software, go to Options > [Product Name] installation folder (not available for OverMedia 2022), and click the button. A dialog box will appear with the path of your installation folder. For example: C:\Program Files\OverRender.com\OverRender OverPicture 2022.

Having trouble or want to suggest something?

Missing content, or just want to add/remove something from the Catalog? Contact us.
Having an issue using the CopperCart Update website? Read the "Known Issues" section to find a solution to your issue.

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